Glasser Interiors Details

Last week, Cameron Mesirow, bka Glasser, released “Shape,” the first material from her upcoming Interiors. Tom raved about it in our 5 Best Songs weekly wrap-up because it totally rules and now you can preview the rest of the songs from the 12-track album via 15-second video clips on Instagram. Listen to them here and check out the tracklist below.

01 “Shape”
02 “Design”
03 “Landscape”
04 “Forge”
05 “Window i”
06 “Keam Theme”
07 “Exposure”
08 “Dissect”
09 “Window iii”
10 “Window ii”
11 “New Year”
12 “Divide”

Interiors is out 10/8 via True Panther.

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