Lonnie Holley – “From The Other Side Of The Pulpit” (Feat. Bradford Cox & Cole Alexander) Video

Outsider artist Lonnie Holley, 63, put out a new album recently that got some blog attention due to one 13-plus minute track featuring Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Cole Alexander of Black Lips. It was a sprawling song that may have baffled some listeners, but the video may make it easier to take it. It’s nothing fancy — it simply documents the three recording and playing — but it makes the song even more enjoyable. Once you see the passion in Holley’s delivery, his raw voice becomes more understandable, the clanking percussion works better when you see the visual of how they made it — tossing sawblade, weights, and other chunks of metal into a wheel barrow. Cox and Alexander essentially work as session musicians here, but it’s for the better that way. Watch the interesting video below, and if you’re near New York you can see Holley open for Bill Callahan this Sunday.

(via Pitchfork)

Keeping A Record Of it is out now on Dust-To-Digital.