Simian Mobile Disco – “Tong Zi Dan”

Simian Mobile Disco’s 2010 album Delicacies named each of its tracks after obscure food dishes like some mash up of techno and Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern. Tracks like “Hákarl” and “Thousand Year Egg” were good examples of the culinary obsessions that went alone with their brand of techno. Now they have a new single, “Tong Zi Dan,” that brings back that trend. The track is named after the Chinese dish which translates to “Virgin Boy Egg,” which the press release and multiple articles tell me is made by carefully boiling eggs in the urine of young boys. So now you know that’s a thing that people do. “Tong Zi Dan” itself though is a nice trance-y techno track that’s worth checking out, especially if you dug the new album by the Field. Listen below.

The Tong Zi Dan single is out 10/21 on Delicacies.