DOM Changes Name To Kiss 1O8

DOM Changes Name To Kiss 1O8

Last time we heard from the MGMT-lovin’ Brooklyn-via-Worcester psych-poppers DOM, they graced our Liz Pelly with an new song called “H o t . l i m i t” that was pegged as the first track on a forthcoming full-length debut called HYPERFANTASY XL LP. That was almost eight months ago, and not a peep since. Today Dom, the duder behind DOM, did an interview with Exclaim! in which he explains that he has ceased recording under the name DOM and has adopted the moniker Kiss 1O8 (yes, that’s the letter O, not the number 0) named for a beloved radio station from his childhood. And whaddayaknow, the SoundCloud account that posted “H o t . l i m i t” has indeed changed its name to Kiss 1O8. With further explanation, here’s Dom:

I chose the name Kiss 1O8 after Kiss 108 FM, a pop radio station I used to listen to as a kid. That and 108 is a sacred number in some cultures, as it represents one, nothing and everything. When I hear “Stargate,” I don’t immediately think of the ’90s sci-fi soap, I think of two bald men from Norway. To be honest, I don’t really care what Ryan Seacrest or anybody else thinks about it.

Dom also explained that typical label and management drama prevented him from releasing a debut album in 2011 as originally expected, described HYPERFANTASY XL LP (which is supposedly still coming) as a “total departure” from his previous work, and admitted that he didn’t know whether he was currently signed to a label or not. Here’s Dom again:

I wrote a Dom album and my management wanted me to write a Kid Rock album. Then I spent all my money. So now I’m probably ready to put something out. I signed with Astralwerks EMI for five songs and that was hell. I signed with Modular exclusively in Australia, but it’s hard to make long-distance relationships work. I may still be on Parlophone, not really sure. I’m bound to find out once people start demanding money from me again.

Read the full interview here. HYPERFANTASY XL LP will be out some time on some label, allegedly.

UPDATE: Kiss 1O8’s Facebook page says “HYPERFANTASY XL OUT HALLOWEEN 2013,” so, uh, trick or treat?

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