Mr. Dream – “Fringy Slider”

Mr. Dream is an awesome noise-rock band from Brooklyn, whose drummer, Nick Sylvester, also runs the excellent cassette-only Godmode Music and sometimes writes about music. The full-disclosure thing here is that Nick is good friends with Tom, but I don’t know the guy at all; I’ve loved Mr. Dream since first hearing them, before I had any idea who was involved. They’re like a combination of Perfect Sound-era Pavement with Big Black with Girls Against Boys. Plus Mclusky. It’s like exactly what rock music should aspire to. Anyway, Mr. Dream release music pretty sporadically, and I recommend just about all of it, but if you want a starting point, you could listen to last year’s “What A Mess,” which is my favorite song by the band. Or you could start with the just-released “Fringy Slider,” which sounds so much like an early Franz Ferdinand track that I actually googled that combination to make sure it wasn’t. But it’s obviously not, really: By the end of the thing, it’s gotten way more fucked-up and spazzed-out then anything by FF. Check it out.

“Fringy Slider” is from the forthcoming The Ultimate In Luxury LP, which is out “TK” (journo-speak for “ask me later”) via Godmode.

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