Connan Mockasin – “Do I Make You Feel Shy?”

New Zealand musician Connan Mockasin’s new album, Caramel, is of the kind that sounds exactly like its title and cover: smooth and sultry soft rock that positions Mockasin as the Kiwi response to Ariel Pink. Mockasin’s voice dances over an easy going guitar riff and funky bass lines at one point promising, “I’ll be the boy of your dreams.” It’s strange because Mockasin is an obviously talented and successful guy, and he’s opened for Radiohead in his home country, yet he only played his first US show a few weeks ago in New York. “Do I Make You Feel Shy?” is a good sign that he’s shooting for wider attention, and succeeding. Listen below.

Caramel is out 11/4 via Phantasy Sound/Because/Mexican Summer.