Kanye Discusses Yeezus Leftovers And Wedding Plans, Praises Tyler, The Creator In Radio Interviews

UPDATE: In yet another radio interview, this time with L.A.’s 97.1 AMP Radio, Kanye offered voluminous praise for Tyler, The Creator, “an artist, innovator, and a good mentor.” Tyler apparently helped out designing Kanye’s Yeezus tour merch, and Kanye has solicited Tyler’s help with directing music videos. Says Kanye of Tyler, “He’s so talented and understands things because he went to film school that I don’t.” Yeezy also thinks Tyler’s banned Mountain Dew commercial was great art that should not have been kept off the air.

More factoids of note:

  • Kanye does not consider music his main area of focus anymore.
  • He hopes to be a youth soccer coach when his daughter grows up and to design uniforms and minivans to class up the soccer mom experience.
  • He doesn’t regret interrupting Taylor Swift and believes Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is still the best music video of the past five years.
  • He wants to stop using the word “fashion” because “Eve made Adam bite an apple and since then it’s been illegal to be naked. I’m helping the people follow the law in style.”

Hear the full interview here.


With an almost two-hour conversation at Los Angeles radio station Power 106 this morning, Kanye West continued his 2013 campaign to defang his “Don’t do no press, kid,” boast from last year’s monster single “Mercy.” The upside to this ongoing veil-lifting is more fun facts of the musical and philosophical variety. The biggest news out of today’s interview is that five unused songs from the Yeezus sessions might be released before the end of the year. Also of note: “Lost In The World,” the Bon Iver-sampling closer from 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was written about fiancée Kim Kardashian, whom Kanye will wed next summer in a ceremony that might feature fighter jets. (Gotta top that epic proposal somehow.) Alongside the now-standard fashion talk — he claims he’d never call himself the best rapper of all time, but he will be the 2Pac of fashion — Kanye also freestyled twice, rapped over “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Otis,” and sang a snippet of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” to show his approval and/or subtly remind everyone who was doing New Wave-inspired rap first. Watch the full interview below.