Way Yes – “Holy Drop” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Way Yes – “Holy Drop” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Way Yes’ debut LP Tog Pebbles has been out digitally since May but finally gets a vinyl release today. When I wrote about the record at my old job, I called it “an all-consuming world of sound, the record when previous touchpoints like Animal Collective and Paul Simon disappear further into the tapestry and Way Yes simply sounds like Way Yes.” Further exposition:

It is as percussive as any of the band’s records, but the rhythm is bathed in celestial light and Phil Collins chic. Go Team!-style sampled chants and ghostly guitar moans out of a Sigur Ros soundscape mingle with “Dirty Dancing” sax solos and choral finales befitting “Free Willy.”

The group’s approach on Tog Pebbles, as always, is to cope with deep sadness by means of heavily percussive cheerful quirk. Maybe that didn’t fully come across in album opener “Colerain,” which is just straight-up sad and beautiful (“When I sleep, you are still alive/ Then I wake up, and you go and die all over again”), but it certainly translates in closing track “Holy Drop” and its accompanying video we’re premiering today. Like “Colerain,” the song is about processing the death of a loved one, but whereas “Colerain” was a tribute to co-frontman Travis Hall’s mother, “Holy Drop” is in honor of the late Matt Riggs, a friend of the band’s other co-frontman, Glenn Davis.

The Nicholas Manos-directed video is anything but a funeral, though. Scott Wingenfield and Kevin Mack (who you might recognize from this meme) star as twin necktie-wearing, bespectacled, backpack-toting Segway riders who just miss each other at the library, the comics shop, and the captive born reptiles shop before finally locking eyes in sweet synchronicity at a dance circle soundtracked by Way Yes. Have a look-see below.

Tog Pebbles is out now. It’s a hell of a record, and you should certainly hear it. Better yet, buy it on vinyl. Columbus fans can catch Way Yes at Ace of Cups 11/7 with Saintseneca and Bummers.

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