The Julie Ruin – “Goodnight, Goodbye” Video

The first video from the Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna’s new band, was for “Oh Come On,” and it was a fun and riotous burst of color. But their new “Goodnight, Goodbye” video goes a very different route. This one is all grainy, warm Super-8 footage of the band playing a show and spending time in Olympia, Washington, Hanna’s old stomping grounds. I’ve spent enough time in Olympia to know that Hanna is like a god there, but surprisingly, she doesn’t spend the entire video running from hordes of screaming Evergreen students. Instead, she and her band just kind of hang out and have fun. Silly Cinnamon directs; watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

The Julie Ruin’s album Run Fast is out now on their own TJR label.