S. Carey – “Fire-Scene” Video

Last month we heard the first single off the new album by S. Carey, best known for his work in Bon Iver. Now that song, “Fire-Scene,” has a music video with some stunning visuals. The clip blends shots of nature with ones of cities, but captures both with an equal sort of majesty. It’s really worth noting that none of this is stock footage, director Joe Baughman actually shot everything you see in the video, even when it meant lugging a camera in freezing weather. Watch below and read Carey and Baughman’s comments about the video in full.

S. Carey:

I was drawn to Joe as director / film-maker because of his photographic aesthetic. I was drawn to the desolation of his photos from a recent trip to eastern Washington state – the high desert, cold, but not too snowy, and the vastness of the valleys. Seeing the motion of his shots and elements themselves took his photos to the next level. I challenged him to take some chances with harder edges and darker imagery because although the song sounds smooth and gentle, it comes from a darker place. Joe’s interpretations of the darkness, as well as his juxtapositions of Mother nature vs. Man-made things make the video more thought-provoking.

Joe Baughman:

In order to acquire the images that Sean and I desired, I made my way from Indiana (where waterfalls, etc. are rather scarce) to Spokane, WA and its surrounding area. The magnificence of the winter landscapes were well worth the bitter cold (wind chills far below 0!) and exhaustion I endured (lugging camera equipment for miles through snow and across ice, sometimes with an assistant, sometimes alone). I experienced and captured a plethora of unanticipated images presented to me by Nature herself, as if she desired to add her own voice to the project.

(via FILTER)

Range Of Light is out 4/1 via Jagjaguwar.