Hannah Diamond – “Attachment”

Hannah Diamond – “Attachment”

British singer Hannah Diamond feels and sounds like a pop star on “Attachment,” but with something slightly off. There’s the odd music-box melody, slight pitch-shifting to her voice, and those glistening/glitching beats that are so polished they give off sun glare. Then there’s the faint sadness of the starry-eyed hook as Diamond lovingly sings, “Though I love you baby, it feels kind of crazy every time you see me I’m on my own/ Feeling better really, I can see you clearly now I’ve saved you as a picture on my phone,” before her voice warps and spirals off into electronic chirps, losing any human quality. Right there with SOPHIE’s demolishing 2013 single “BIPP,” “Attachment” is bubblegum hyperreality and absolutely stunning for it. Listen and download it below.

Hannah Diamond – “Attachment” (via Fact)

“Attachment” is out now via PC Music.

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