The Raptors Gave Out Drake Lint Rollers Last Night

Last week cameras caught Toronto Raptors global ambassador Drake vigorously lint-rolling his pants while courtside during a Raptors playoff game. As Twitter rushed to mock him for this quizzical turn of events, Drake quickly got in on the joke himself by posting a screencap of the incident with the caption “Lint rollers on deck.” You’d think that would be the end of it, but Drake is apparently not one to let a good marketing opportunity pass by. Last night the Raptors gave out 1,200 special edition Drake lint rollers emblazoned with his OVO owl logo. Here’s a closeup via the Raptors’ Twitter:

(via USA Today)

Very stylish, right? Who wouldn’t want to roll lint with that? And hey, all this ridiculousness must have put the team in good spirits because they took a 3-2 series lead over Brooklyn last night, upending the Nets like a lacrosse stick overturning a fondue plate. And then there’s this:

Hey, whatever works, Canada.

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