Julianna Barwick – “Meet You At Midnight”

The impressionist sound-sculptor Julianna Barwick is maybe not the first person you’d associate with the practice of slamming brews, but she has just teamed up with the craft brewery Dogfish Head, who make some good goddam beers, to make her own IPA. As Pitchfork points out, Barwick’s beer, Rosabi, has red rice and wasabi flavors in it, which sounds weird but potentially good, and she’s made an EP to celebrate it. Barwick’s new Rosabi EP will be available digitally, but the physical edition is limited to 1,000 copies and it comes with a sealed six-pack of the beer. For the songs on the EP, Barwick made samples of the actual brewing process. But on “Meet You At Midnight,” the first EP track she’s shared, you don’t hear any bubbling noises or anything; it’s exactly the sort of slow-moving beauty that Barwick makes when she isn’t sampling brewing sounds. Listen below.

Rosabi is out 6/3 on Dead Oceans.