Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Pink Moons”

One of the many reasons why Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (a Band To Watch) remains one of the most exciting live acts around (and a perfect opener for Future Islands on their current tour) is how easily the singer/drummer (along with bassist Devlin Rice) can shift from the sort of body-crushing songs that inspire mosh pits to ones with effortlessly cool vibes you’d just want to bob around and snap your fingers to. That excitement in the performances translates directly to their bombastic new album, Party Jail, right in its first two tracks. After the opening bum rush of “Pantomime Jack” comes this newly released single “Pink Moons,” a complete 180. The track is all laid-back bass grooves (including a gentle solo from Rice) over soft percussion while Schrader lays out his whispery consciousness lyrics, and there’s something about the way he stretches the “every” in the phrase “Sadie Hawkins every night” into a three-syllable word that just makes my ears feel good. Of course a song or two later he’s back to thrashing on “Televan,” but that’s just how Schrader rolls and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Listen below and if you’re seeing Future Islands this tour make sure you get there early to see this live.

Party Jail is out 5/20 via Infinity Cat.