Parquet Courts – “Instant Disassembly”

Sunbathing Animal, the second album from New York punk rock wiseacres Parquet Courts, is a master-class in shaggy, sloppy propulsion and above-it-all lyricism. We’ve posted the title track and “Black And White,” and both of those songs have drive for days. But “Instant Disassembly,” the latest song the band has shared, is a different story. It’s a sprawling, expansive seven-minute zone-out that carries some serious Modern Lovers echoes, and it marks perhaps the first time in recorded history an indie rocker has used the word “mamacita” without coming off like a jackass. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

Sunbathing Animal is out 6/3 on What’s Your Rupture?/Mom + Pop, and it rules.