Don Cheadle Crowdfunding Miles Davis Biopic

Don Cheadle has talked about his hopes of making a Miles Davis biopic for quite a while, though that possibility has seemed less and less likely as time passed. To give some perspective, the last time we reported on this, Arcade Fire had released only one album and this was what dubstep sounded like. Now Don Cheadle is turning to crowdfunding to help make his dream project a reality. There’s a lot to be excited about here. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Cheadle is passionate and ideal for the role, and he mentions Ewan McGregor is already attached to act (playing an “unreliable Rolling Stone reporter”) and Herbie Hancock will be involved musically. On the other hand, Cheadle’s use of the words “potential soundtrack” and “Skrillex” in the same sentence should make most feel deeply uneasy. You can head to IndieGogo to check out the rewards being offered, and watch Cheadle discussing the crowdfunding project for Miles Ahead below.

Does anybody else hear that title and immediately think of this joke from Community? I can’t be the only one.