Danny Brown’s Pissed He Was Cut From A$AP Mob’s “Hella Hoes”

Last week, Harlem’s A$AP Mob debuted a new track called “Hella Hoes,” and all four of the rappers who appeared on that song (Rocky, Ferg, Nast, Twelvyy), had the A$AP prefix in their names. Apparently, though, one prominent non-A$AP rapper was on a previous version of the song, and the A$AP guys decided to ditch his verse without first informing him. Danny Brown has a history with the Mob; he and Rocky have done songs together, and Rocky co-directed his “Blunt After Blunt” video. (Kathy Griffin also interviewed them both together; hence that ridiculous photo.) But Brown is not especially pleased with this turn of events, and he went to Twitter to air out his grievances. Here’s what he wrote:

If u took time out your busy ass schedule to do a feature for somebody and they cut u off the song without telling you .. would u be hot?? Or does that mean my verse was wack? Or maybe niggas just don’t fuck wit me no more .. fuck it all this rap shit fake anyway you worry about whats in your bank account .. I worry about my metacritic score … u can’t die wit ya money but album reviews are forever.

He later confirmed, in a reply to a fan, that “Hella Hoes” was the track that had originally had his verse, and that the Mob deleted it without telling Brown first. And you know who else is pissed that “Hella Hoes” doesn’t have a Danny Brown verse? Me! Brown would’ve sounded great on that song! And in removing his verse, the A$AP guys are pretty much building a giant billboard that says “Danny Brown murdered us on our own track and we didn’t want anyone to hear him upstage us.” Maybe that’s not what happened, but that’s how it looks.

In any case, it’s nice to see someone other than a music critic saying that album reviews are forever.