Danny Brown – “Blunt After Blunt” Video

Here’s something I had to learn to hard way: No matter how much of a stoner you think you are, you should never, under any circumstances, smoke weed with rappers. You just can’t handle it; I’m sorry. You will inevitably find yourself rolled into a ball on the carpet, wishing you could remember your own name. It’s not worth it. (And yes, there’s a story there. I’ll tell you when we’re both high sometime.)

For some evidence of this little maxim, I present to you rabid Detroit hard-rhymer Danny Brown’s video for “Blunt After Blunt.” Brown’s fellow internet-phenom MC ASAP Rocky co-directed the video alongside the ICU, and it mostly consists of Brown (and sometimes ASAP) smoking vast amounts of weed and drinking Colt 45 in dimly lit rooms. Also, Brown spends a significant amount of time wearing a tiger-print hoodie over a Hawaiian shirt, a fashion statement that only he could pull off. Watch it below.

(via Tumblin Erb)

Brown’s album XXX is available for free download right here.