Scott Walker And Sunn O))) Announce Collaborative Album

Since Scott Walker traditionally makes music at a glacial pace, we’ve come to expect about one album every decade or so, which isn’t anything to get mad about when they’re masterpieces such as 2006’s The Drift and 2012’s Bish Bosch: albums that actually reward repeated listens over years. So it’s a huge shock to see he’s going to have a new one coming this year. It’s an even bigger shock that he’s teaming up with drone metal gods Sunn O))). In a crazy sort of way, this makes sense, as Walker has often described his desire to trim and cut his sound down to the barest, most direct elements — and you don’t get much more direct than the white-hot blasts of guitar feedback on which his collaborators have made their careers. For now all we know is that the album is definitely happening and Walker’s label, 4AD, has confirmed it will be out later this year. Experimental music fans everywhere should be partying in the street right now.