Happy 50th Courtney Love, Sons Of Anarchy’s Newest Cast Member

Earlier this year, Hole’s classic Live Through This turned 20, and today, the woman behind that album, Courtney Love, turns 50. Happy birthday, Courtney! To recognize the occasion, Courtney did a guest post for XO Jane on the 50 Obsessions She Couldn’t Live Without On Her 50th Birthday.

Those events coincide — randomly? deliberately? — with the announcement that C-Lo will join the cast of Sons Of Anarchy for its seventh (and mercifully final) season; per TVLine, Courtney will be featured “in a pivotal, multi-episode arc [playing] Ms. Harrison, the straight-shooting preschool teacher of Jax’s eldest son, Abel.”

SOA has featured several rockers in its cast over the years. Joining Courtney in Charming, CA for Season 7 will be Marilyn Manson, playing white supremacist Ron Tully. Back in Season 2, when the show was still good, Henry Rollins was one of its most magnetic performers (in the role of, um, white supremacist AJ Weston). In the years since it has turned to shit, it has included Dave Navarro, and reportedly hoped to cast Big Boi in a role that eventually went to Harold Perrineau (Lost/Oz). The show also seems to believe star Katy Sagal (who’s married to creator Kurt Sutter) is something of a singer — as evidenced by the frequent usage of her terrible songs to score pointless montages — but here, the show would be mistaken. Not the first time! Heck, Kim Coates (who plays Tig) sings the show’s theme song, and that thing is sub-Staind on its best day. Anyway, SOA returns this fall, and Courtney makes her grand entrance in ep. 4. As you can probably tell, I won’t miss an episode.