Coral Cross – “The Coldest Steel Across Your Face Slides”

Jorge Elbrecht is the man behind the conceptual New York pop projects Lansing-Dreiden and Violens, and last year, he collaborated with Ariel Pink on the great songs “No Real Friend” and “Called To Ring.” He mostly works in a sort of muffled, luxurious lo-fi new-romantic sound, but his latest project is something different. It’s called Coral Cross, and it’s Elbrecht’s version of metal. The first Coral Cross release is a two-song 7″ EP called 001, and its A-side is “The Coldest Steel Slides Across Your Face,” a deeply weird song that combines mid-’90s Norwegian black metal with Elbrecht’s usual idiosyncratic synthetic beauty. Elbrecht describes it as “Choral Thrash.” Listen below.

001 is out 8/12 on Mexican Summer.