Ariel Pink And Jorge Elbrecht – “Hang On To Life” & “No Real Friend”

Jorge Elbrecht has been making criminally underrated luxuriant yacht-prog for years with Violens and the wonderful Lansing-Dreiden. Now he’s teamed with another psych-classicist, Ariel Pink, on a 7″ that highlights both players’ considerable melodic strengths. “Hang On To Life” combines Wilsonian harmonic structures with the clean lines of, I dunno, Air Supply or something. It’s a total gas. I’d be more than happy to see these two do a whole LP of this stuff. Check out the A-side, “Hang On To Life,” now.

UPDATE: We’ve got the B-side now, too. Check out “No Real Friend” below “Hang On To Life.” It’s lighter and sweeter than Cool Whip, man. This thing is gonna get so many spins round mine this summer.

The “Hang On To Life” 7″ is out today via Mexican Summer.