Nude Beach – “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling”

Two years ago, the young Brooklyn-based rock band Nude Beach released their album II, a deeply enjoyable piece of classic-rock-informed punk. Every song aimed straight for the pleasure center and hit its target, and I fucked up badly when I didn’t give it Album Of The Week. (Seriously, in three years of writing that column, it’s one of my biggest regrets.) I might get a chance to redeem myself this fall, when the band follows up II with a grand new double-disc album called 77. The album’s mere existence is awesome news, and the first song they’ve shared is a very promising indicator of where this thing is going. “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling” is a scrappy, melodic, catchy-as-hell piece of songcraft, a three-minute power-pop rager with a lot of Ramones and Replacements in its DNA. You should absolutely give it a listen below.

77 is out 10/21 on Don Giovanni.

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