Fugazi To Release Their First Demo

The first thing Fugazi ever released was their 1988 self-titled EP, and that EP started with “Waiting Room,” one of the most iconic punk rock songs ever written. All of which is to say: Fugazi were pretty fucking special from jump. Pretty soon, we’ll learn just how great they were in their early days. As Pitchfork points out, Dischord has announced plans to release Fugazi’s first demo, cleverly titled First Demo. The band recorded its 11 songs, including unreleased song “Turn Off Your Guns” and compilation cut “In Defense Of Humans,” after playing only 10 shows. The band handed the tape out at shows and encouraged people to dub it, but it’s never had an official release until now. The release, due later this year, will end the first phase of the Fugazi Live Series, in which the band has uploaded recordings of more than 900 of the shows they played when they were still an active band. (Remember when Fugazi were an active band? That was awesome.)

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