Fugazi Launch Live Archive

The sound engineers for DC postpunk heroes Fugazi, one of the greatest live bands on the planet back when they were still a functional live band, did the world a favor by recording most of the shows that the band played over the years. And recently, the band launched a massive archive of those live recordings, available to you for anywhere from $1 to $100 (the suggested price is $5) right here. This is a new venture; they’re still adding shows, and will get up to 800 or so by the end of it all. The search function doesn’t work too well at the moment. But Fugazi never did anything halfassed, so chances are they’ll get all that ironed out soon. As far as I know, the band never played a live show that wasn’t worth hearing, and the site also includes a ton of photos and bits of info, and users can contribute more; it’s fun to browse around and wonder what the 1/20/88 show in Matt Kelly’s basement in East Lansing was like, for instance. And who knows? Maybe all this will lead to Fugazi getting back together to play a few more shows. They never officially broke up, after all. Check out the live archive here.

Also, the New York Times’ Ben Sisario recently published a big article about the project’s genesis, which includes quotes from Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye and Guy Piccioto. It’s well worth reading; check it out here.

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