Drive Like Jehu Are Playing A Free Reunion Show This Month

San Diego post-hardcore ragers Drive Like Jehu were one of punk’s rawest and most exhilarating groups. They shared members with the similarly awesome and influential Rocket From The Crypt, and together the bands spawned other fine likeminded acts including Hot Snakes, Obits, and the Night Marchers. Core members John Reis and Rick Froberg have stayed active over the years, but Drive Like Jehu haven’t taken the stage under the name Drive Like Jehu since 1995. That’s about to change: As Property Of Zack points out, the band has scheduled a single reunion show on 8/31 in San Diego. It’s at 7 p.m. at Balboa Park, it’s free for all ages, and according to Drive Like Jehu’s official website they’ll be “ACCOMPANIED BY CIVIC ORGANIST DR. CAROL WILLIAMS.” Get psyched up by listening to Drive Like Jehu’s classic 1994 LP Yank Crime below.