Third Album From Mysterious Singer Lewis Discovered

Earlier this year, the label Light In The Attic unearthed and reissued L’Amour, a pretty and mysterious 1983 album from a completely unknown artist named Lewis. Soon after, another Lewis album, this one from 1985 and titled Romantic Times materialized. Just a few weeks later, the label found that Lewis, whose real name is Randall Wulff, is alive and well, with no real interest in his past musical life. But for someone who no longer makes music, it appears that Lewis may be the most prolific artist of 2014. As Pitchfork points out, a third Lewis album has been unearthed. This one is called Love Ain’t No Mystery, and he recorded it in the early ’00s under the name Randy Duke. Below, listen to two songs, “Heartbreak” and “It’s A Frail Thing.”

(via FACT)

I’m still not convinced that this whole story is real, but you can buy Love Ain’t No Mystery here.

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