The Coral Are Releasing A New Album Recorded 8 Years Ago

The Coral went on hiatus back in 2012 and, while they’re still not back together, they will be putting out some unreleased music. Frontman James Skelly announced on Twitter that an album that they recorded eight years ago called Curse Of Love will be out “in the next few weeks.” The album features “Wrapped in Blue,” a track that was played on BBC Radio 6 by guest DJ Geoff Barrow of Portishead earlier this week — you can listen to that song here at 16 minutes in. Ian Skelly told NME the band had recording sessions before their breakup but that they were not productive. In regards to the band reunion, Skelly said, “I don’t know. There just has to be a demand for it, people have to decide they want it. For now, we’re on a break. That might last until next month. It could be five years.” The Coral’s last album was 2010’s Butterfly House.

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