Watch Drive Like Jehu Reunite For First Show In 19 Years

Drive Like Jehu played their first concert since 1995 last night at San Diego’s Balboa Park. Lead guitarist John Reis said that the show was a one-off, mostly done to have a chance to play with the Spreckels Pipe Organ that’s located inside the park. “I’ve been going to the organ concerts in the park there for years, ever since I was a kid and I’m just completely captivated by the sound of the organ there. It’s one of the gems in San Diego…” Reis said. “It’s an acoustic instrument but it generates so much sonic energy in the sense that you can actually feel it and it’s a sound bigger than the outdoors.” You can watch the whole five-song set below.

“Do You Compute?”
“Super Unison”
“If It Kills You”