John Reis Discusses Upcoming Drive Like Jehu Reunion

Earlier this week, we learned the utterly badass news that San Diego post-hardcore heroes Drive Like Jehu would reunite for a free 8/31 show in their hometown’s Balboa Park, their first show back together since their 1995 breakup. It’s been so long since Jehu were together that Hot Snakes, the band that Jehu co-frontment Rick Froberg and John Reis started after that breakup, have already been through their own breakup-and-reunion cycle. And in a new interview on the Kreative Kontrol podcast, Reis, who also leads the recently-reunited Rocket From The Crypt, talks a little bit about why the band got together.

To hear Reis tell it, the show is pretty much an excuse to do something with the gigantic organ in Balboa Park; Dr. Carol Williams, the city’s civic organist, will accompany the band. Here’s what Reis says:

The show isn’t so much a show as it is a chance to collaborate with the Spreckels Pipe Organ located in Balboa Park, San Diego. The pipe organ is a massive, outdoor instrument. It just has such a great sound. I’ve been going to the organ concerts in the park there for years, ever since I was a kid and I’m just completely captivated by the sound of the organ there. It’s one of the gems in San Diego… It’s an acoustic instrument but it generates so much sonic energy in the sense that you can actually feel it and it’s a sound bigger than the outdoors. I hope it’s going to be like jamming with Godzilla or a dragon or a whale or something like that. It has this enormity to it and I’m into it.

As for Drive Like Jehu’s future plans, Reis had this to say:

As soon as we’re done with this show, we’re doing a 60-date tour with Megadeth, which will be followed by playing every Native American gaming casino in the country. And then, I think we’re looking at doing, have you heard of the Noiseboat? It’s like a cruise ship that goes out? It’s gonna be Tad, Helmet, us—all the greats of the noise rock years playing a cruise ship going around the Panama Canal. It should be awesome.

He’s joking, obviously. (I hope that’s obvious?) Actually, Reis says that the band has no plans after the one show, though he doesn’t rule out doing anything together in the future. And he also notes that the show will be a six-song, half-hour affair, so keep that in mind before flying across the country. You can listen to the whole podcast here.