Migos Accused Of Stealing Concert Promoter’s Money At Gunpoint

Migos got famous by being great at rapping, but lately that’s been obscured by some controversial encounters. Back in March they were involved in a highway shootout in Miami. Now, less than a week after beating up a guy who tried to steal their chains on stage in Nashville, they’ve been accused of robbing an Indiana concert promoter at gunpoint. According to local TV station 14 News, a company called 41 South paid Migos $11,000 up front for a show Sunday at the Coliseum, with $10,000 more to be paid the night of the show. The rappers allegedly showed up at the venue to collect the $10,000 and walked out without performing; when promoters tried to stop them from leaving, the rappers allegedly pointed two rifles at them.

No arrests have been reported at this time. Stereogum has reached out to a Migos representative for comment.

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