Migos Involved In Shootout On Miami Highway

Migos, the spasmodically boisterous Atlanta rap trio that has become one of Atlanta’s most reliable exporters of rowdy and inventive trap music since blowing up with “Versace” last year, was involved in a “Scarface-style” shootout in Miami early this morning. As TMZ reports, after Migos performed at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines, an eight-person entourage including Migos was riding in a black Mercedes party bus on I-95 around 3:30 a.m. when another van pulled alongside them and started shooting. According to Migos’ manager, someone in the rappers’ van returned fire: “There was at least 40 rounds being blasted on those n*****,” he told TMZ. The Miami New Times adds that the Migos camp drove to Jackson Memorial Hospital after the shooting. Police told New Times that one of the passengers in the party bus was struck by a bullet, but Migos’ manager told TMZ no one had been shot and they drove to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Police confiscated the bullet-riddled party bus — pictured below — as part of the investigation.

UPDATE: Migos have responded to the shooting via several affiliated Twitter accounts. The group’s Twitter page posted a rhyme about resilience and revenge, while Quavo wonders if he’ll appear on The First 48 and TakeOff quotes a Rick Ross lyric about his own drive-by shooting incident.

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