Chris DeVille

Chris DeVille


I definitely see the parallels between Incubus and D Plan and I find it amusing that this came out on the same day as Morning View
Need Vivek to write an In Theory column on “The Other Side”
That's exactly what this band was for me. I like to think of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. as my bridge between Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dismemberment Plan...
It appears to be showing at movie theaters too, though if cost is the concern, paying for a month of a streaming service probably costs less than two movie tickets.
I'll call it a song about the horrors of slavery when an ominous slowed-down version is playing in a Jordan Peele movie trailer. Until then, nah
Fun fact that didn't fit naturally into the article: "Blacking Out The Friction" and "I Was A Kaleidoscope" feature backing vocals from Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger singer turned Seattle journalist) and John Vanderslice (O.G. indie rock producer and singer-songwriter extraordinaire)
Photo Album drummer weighs in:
This is exactly my relationship with them. They are more of a greatest hits band for me, but I love this album front to back.


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