Chris DeVille

Chris DeVille


What do people from Massachusetts call themselves, officially speaking?
tbh I can't believe this hasn't happened yet, I feel like rock icons of that class are always launching some supergroup or another
Should be able to go to the Aquarium Drunkard link and right-click on the song titles
In the Rolling Loud post (or maybe on Twitter) jackunderscore speculated that maybe Rocky's headliner status was contractually locked in before the pandemic, around the time he was getting a lot of goodwill due to his false imprisonment in Sweden. That could be true here. Or maybe fests just know they're gonna attract a bunch of hipster types who are still fucking with A$AP long after their mainstream relevance has dried up. Or maybe they're just hoping Rihanna will show up with him?
That was the first thing I noticed too
It's been wonky for a few days now but we are working on it
lmao I forgot there were actual news articles about this


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