Watch QT And SOPHIE’s Ray-Ban x Boiler Room LA Performances

A few weeks back, the Boiler Room in LA hosted massive all-star event that brought together Hudson Mohawke, Eric Wareheim, Oneohtrix Point Never, Flying Lotus, and more. It was also the night that SOPHIE and A. G. Cook debuted their musical collaboration “Hey QT” by QT, which feels like a Frankenstein’s monster of all of the above-mentioned artists, and an apex (though perhaps “merger” is the better word in this context) for both experimental and pop music in the 2010s. Neither producer appeared on stage; instead a performer who plays the titular QT came on and put on a show that veered from abstract performance art to a full-on pop-idol showcase. Watch the official video below in all its glory along with SOPHIE’s set which was mimed by a drag queen.

If you want to delve into more of the QT madness, check out the recent “interview” she did.

UPDATE: As HypeM notes, “QT” did make her first appearance at SOPHIE & A. G. Cook’s Hype Hotel event at SXSW.