QT Discusses Hit Energy Drink In Highly Anticipated Marketing Message

The wonderful new pop star/energy-drink purveyor/marketing expert/way of life QT recently held her first interview, with Fact magazine, in which she discussed her titanic single “Hey QT,” the recent creative merger with producers SOPHIE and A. G. Cook (leader of PC Music), and some important business details, such as the potential conflict with PC Music’s prior partner/obsession Red Bull. Read the full interview here, with some answers to your burning questions below.

QT on herself:

“Energetic, enterprising and effervescent.”

Has QT appeared in other songs?


QT on “Hey QT”:

“When I went dancing sometimes I would hear a friend’s song playing or see a special image and it somehow felt like they were visiting me in another form. I was so inspired by this sensation that I felt the need to bring it to a mass market context in a carbonated liquid form.”

QT on working with SOPHIE and Cook:

“I pretty much told them what I was after… heavy repetition of the word ‘QT’ for marketing purposes and an uplifting club sensation to back it up.”

What can we expect next from QT?

“More bubbles I hope.”

“Hey QT” is out now via XL. For more evidence that the PC Music collective is the best thing to happen to music this year go here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

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