Stream Tweedy Sukierae

Tweedy, the new band that Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy formed with his drummer son Spencer, haven’t yet released their debut album Sukierae, but they haven’t exactly been withholding, either. Over the past few months, the band has shared nearly half of the new album: “I’ll Sing It,” “Summer Noon,” “Wait For Love,” “Diamond Light Pt. 1,” “Fake Fur Coat,” “Low Key,” “High As Hello,” “Flowering.” From those songs, a picture emerges of a laid-back, comfortable, low-stakes take on the Wilco sound. But there’s plenty more where that came from. There are 20 songs on Sukierae, and now you can stream the whole thing and get a better sense of how it all fits together over at NPR.

Sukierae is out 9/23 on Wilco’s dBpm label.