Lydia Ainsworth – “Hologram”

We’ve been on board with Lydia Ainsworth for a while now, after being captivated by the whispered menace of her “Malachite” video and the majestic specter of “PS1.” Ainsworth’s classically considered production spreads out like a shrouded forest, much like the artwork for her upcoming debut album, Right From Real. “Hologram” is perhaps her most insular piece yet, the beats stretched out like sheets of ice with her voice gracefully sliding across their surface. The song is surrounded by hints of darkness, moments when Ainsworth dips into her lower register to hint at a dark portent underneath. “I found peace in dreaming of you and all the things we’ll never do,” she sings, wistful and restless. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

Right From Real is out 9/30 on Arbutus.