Lewis – “I Come From Texas”

Last month, shortly after the mystery behind Canadian artist Randy Wulff, aka Lewis, had been solved, Fiasco Bros. Studios announced that they had unearthed a third album from Wulff called Love Ain’t No Mystery, recorded under the name Randy Duke. The album was released digitally via the studio’s website and is now being put out on tape via Summersteps Records. The cassette edition will also include two unreleased tracks recorded during the same sessions called “Sweet Sugar Cane” and “Fountains.” The song is accompanied by an interview with Fiasco Bros. engineer Len Osanic, who recorded with Wulff and provides some interesting details: “He was the softest singer I ever recorded. You could hear squeaks in his guitar that you would never normally hear,” he said. He actually had to settle on a certain sweater he would record in, because other shirts would make to much noise. So he always had it in a case and put that on before we recorded. He often would sit in silence for ten minutes before each song so that he was totally in the mood.” You can stream “I Come From Texas,” a whispered and quivering guitar-based ballad from the album, below.

The tape edition of Love Ain’t No Mystery is out 10/31 on Summersteps Records.

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