Primordial – “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”

We just posted this month’s Black Market a few hours ago, which means the new song from Primordial — which just dropped a few minutes ago — won’t be eligible for inclusion till October’s column. But you can rest assured, it will be included. I was actually under the impression the Irish band’s upcoming eighth album, Where Greater Men Have Fallen, wasn’t out until next March, but either my intel was bad or it’s been moved up by four months, because apparently it’s now set to arrive in November. That’s a pretty good time of year to listen to Primordial: cold, windy late autumn, on the verge of winter: a good time for leather jackets and over-ear headphones and loud, burly, epic Irish heavy metal. And this record delivers just that. Primordial had been trending away from harsher black-metal sonics and toward a more traditional metal sound for some time, but Where Greater Men Have Fallen goes all-in: This thing is almost Maiden-esque in its majesty. The album’s opener/title track is a snarling, wild beast; it is available to stream now, and I encourage you to do just that.

Where Greater Men Have Fallen is out 11/25 via Metal Blade.

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