Courtney Love Makes Sons Of Anarchy Debut, Gets Cast In NYC “Opera”

Courtney Love made her debut appearance in Sons Of Anarchy last night. It’s her first television role and she’ll have a multiple episode arc throughout the show’s seventh and final season. She plays Ms Harrison, “the straight-shooting preschool teacher of Jax’s eldest son, Abel.” Apparently she only showed up in one scene in Tuesday’s episode, but you can watch her short first appearance below.

Courtney Love will also star in Kansas City Choir Boy, a new experimental “opera” that will be performed during the Prototype: Opera/Theater/Now festival in a Manhattan art center called Here. “I love the concept, and I’m loving the music,” she told The New York Times. “I’m playing it constantly. I’m looking to do things that are different.”

The show is directed by Kevin Newbury and composed by Todd Almond. Almond will star in it alongside Love. It’s not an “opera” in the traditional sense — Almond has also referred to it as a concept album. “I don’t mean it’s in an operative style. I mean it in the sense that it’s a group of songs that tells a story,” Almond told the Times. ” I write musicals, I write plays and I write what I call opera, which I think of as a form that opens the minds of both the performers and the listeners.”

Here’s a description of the opera:

Kansas City Choir Boy is a theatricalized concept album about love altered by unexpected fate. A mystery told through flashbacks, the show tells the story of two lovers in small town America who separate when one goes in search of destiny and then disappears. Borrowing themes from ancient myth, the show features songs by acclaimed composer/lyricist Todd Almond performed by rock icon Courtney Love and Mr. Almond. They are joined by a chorus of sirens, and musicians from Contemporaneous Ensemble. Directed by Kevin Newbury, Kansas City Choir Boy is a love song for the computer age and a product of the 24-hour news cycle that feeds on the stories of the anonymous “missing.”

Kansas City Choir Boy will play from 1/8 through 1/17.

[Photo by Meeno/New York Times.]