Rick Ross – “Keep Doin’ That” (Feat. R. Kelly)

Around this time last year, the entire music world backed away slowly from R. Kelly after his old sex-crimes accusations reentered the conversation. He was on a Lady Gaga single, and that single disappeared so quickly that your head might’ve spun. But Rick Ross didn’t get the memo. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. Either way, he recruited Kelly to guest on his new single “Keep Doin’ That,” which has Kelly singing this: “I fuck her all on the marble / Yeah, that girl is a freak / She like coming in money / She’s the female me.” “Keep Doin’ That” is the latest thing we’ve heard from Ross’ forthcoming Hood Billionaire, and it doesn’t have the chaotic energy of the street single, the Project Pat collab “Elvis Presley Blvd.” It’s solid enough, though. If you can stand to hear R. Kelly singing about sex in 2014, you can listen to it, with Funkmaster Flex drops, below.

(via Billboard)

We’ve been led to believe that Hood Billionaire will be out 11/24 on Def Jam.