Watch Run The Jewels’ Ridiculous Trailer For Meow The Jewels

Yesterday, we learned the beyond-exciting news that Meow The Jewels is really happening. An enterprising fan took Run The Jewels’ El-P and Killer Mike up on their offer to remake their RTJ2 album with nothing but cat noises, and the Kickstarter campaign made its fundraising goal. A host of impressive talents has signed up to help out, and the money is going to charity. And today, we get a trailer for the album, which presumably still only exists in El-P’s brain. The trailer isn’t exactly a professional job. Mostly, it just superimposes images of cats over explosion-heavy scenes from old movies like Big Trouble In Little China and The Lost Boys. Still, it’s getting me more excited than I already was, which was very excited. Watch the trailer below.

RTJ2 is out 10/17 on Mass Appeal. You should be excited about that, too.