Creepy Black Flag Concert Video Fuels Custody Battle Against Greg Ginn

Guitarist Greg Ginn is the main creative force behind Black Flag, arguably the greatest American hardcore band of all time, and the founder of SST Records, almost certainly the best indie of its era. He’s also a notorious dick, a guy who’s allegedly screwed a ton of bands out of money. And according to his ex-wife, who recently accused Ginn of child abuse, he’s an unfit father who can’t be trusted around his own kids. And she’s using video of a Montana Black Flag show as evidence.

TMZ doesn’t generally busy itself with the personal lives of ’80s hardcore icons, but apparently this Ginn story is juicy enough to get its attention. The website reports that Ginn’s ex-wife Marina Ginn is suing for sole custody of the couple’s two daughters. She’s using this video to support her case. It’s Ginn’s reconstituted version of the band performing at a music festival in Butte, Montana this past July. Ginn beckons to a young lady at the side of the stage, and when she comes over, he hugs her — a lot — and dances with her, whispering stuff in her ear the whole time. He’s not humping her leg or anything, and his lawyer insists that the whole episode is innocent, but it’s definitely uncomfortable to watch:

Also from the report: “Marina Ginn says her ex has become increasingly erratic and in court docs she accuses him of going off the rails with drugs around the kids. She says he neglects to feed them when they’re with him and disciplines them by throwing water in their faces.” Meanwhile, per TMZ, “Greg’s lawyer calls BS … telling us the concert video is not what it seems, insisting it’s harmless. He says Marina has her own emotional issues — including a porn past.” So this isn’t getting any less ugly anytime soon.