Greg Ginn Accused Of Child Abuse By Ex-Wife

Black Flag founder Greg Ginn has been no stranger to legal disputes and accusations of deplorable behavior of late. This newest one, though, is especially alarming. On October 10, Ginn’s ex-wife Marina Ginn filed an affidavit for an “Emergency Motion To Modify The Parent Child Relationship,” because, she claims, Greg Ginn’s treatment of their daughters, Isadora Ginn and Karis Ginn — who are 10 and 7 years old, and who live with Greg — is jeopardizing the girls’ health and welfare.

In the court documents she filed (which were obtained by Consequence Of Sound, who reportedly confirmed their veracity), Marina accuses Greg of “routinely denying [Isadora and Karis] food and threatening them.” Marina also claims that Greg disciplines his daughters by “throwing cups of water in their face,” and he “tells them ‘you’re hot’ and whistles at them.”

The allegations don’t end there. As far as I can tell, Marina Ginn is seeking custody of the children. Her affidavit closes with: “Please grant me an emergency temporary orders hearing so my daughters don’t have to live in fear.” To see that document in full, go here.