Ariel Pink Responds To Misogyny Charges: “Everybody’s A Victim Except For Small, White, Nice Guys”

Ariel Pink is a troll. We know this. He’s been pushing that side of his persona to complete saturation lately, claiming to love the Westboro Baptist Church and blasting Madonna’s career while claiming that Madonna wants to work with him. And now Pink is saying things in interviews about how people online are targeting him with misogyny charges. This, too, is trolling.

For a new story in The New Yorker’s Talk Of The Town section, the writer Reeves Wiedeman tagged along with Pink as he visited Staten Island’s PS22. In the car, Pink more or less confesses to his own trollery, exclaiming, “Yes!” after reading that MySpace has declared him indie rock’s most hated man.

But then he talked about the ways that he’s been, in his mind, persecuted online: “What if I committed suicide and tweeted, ‘Thank you, guys. You were right’?… This is how, uh, Rwanda happened.” It’s hard to argue with this. This is exactly how Rwandan genocide happened.

And the coup de grace: “Everybody’s a victim, except for small, white, nice guys who just want to make their moms proud and touch some boobies.” The most confusing part of this quote is the inclusion of the word “nice.”

Please, please, nobody tell Ariel Pink about Gamergate.

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