Meek Mill – “Fuck U Mean” (Feat. Lil Boosie)

BANGER ALERT. Philly rap demon Meek Mill is in prison right now on a probation violation, but his people have now put a monster of a new song called “Fuck U Mean” out into the world. The track unites Meek with Baton Rouge rap hero Lil Boosie, and the combination couldn’t possibly make more sense. Meek and Boosie have both had their legal issues, but they’re also frantic and intense rappers with urgent, high-pitched deliveries and fervent fanbases. And holy shit, they sound amazing together. “Fuck U Mean” is a piece of bracing, virtuosic street-rap, a song that fucks with your blood pressure and your heartrate if you play it loud enough. Listen to it below, with Funkmaster Flex drops that only make the song better.

Meek’s album Dreams Worth More Than Money is apparently coming out sometime. I hope. Boosie is the leader of a Mad Max murder team. The jeans in his closet add up to a Range Rover. I am going to have a hard time listening to anything else today.