Fugazi – “Merchandise” (Demo)

Last month, Dischord announced that they would be putting out Fugazi’s original demo tape in a release called First Demo. The collection contains ten tracks from the group’s demo, which includes (obviously) some demos that would go on to appear on their debut EP and album, plus compilation track “In Defense Of Humans” and unreleased song “Turn Off Your Guns.” You can listen to the demo version of “Merchandise” below, plus check out the tracklist for the release.

01 “Waiting Room”
02 “Merchandise”
03 “Furniture”
04 “Song #1″
05 “The Word”
06 “Badmouth”
07 “Break-In”
08 “Turn Off Your Guns”
09 “And The Same”
10 “In Defense Of Humans”
11 “Joe #1″

First Demo is out 11/18 on Dischord

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