Watch PC Music’s Halloween Webcast Feat. A. G. Cook, GFOTY, Thy Slaughter, & More

Much of the appeal of the PC Music label is the way its artists blur the lines between man and machine. Even the actress playing the role of QT at the Boiler Room was chillingly inhuman. So it’s real crazy to see the collective presenting themselves as real people in the hour-plus Halloween “Dead Or Alive Stream” they just archived on YouTube. It’s like a goofy art film your friends in college might’ve made, and at turns it builds up and tears down PC Music mystique. Below, check out the full webcast, featuring “Evil Data, Lipgloss Sins, Ghoulfriend Of The Year, Thy Slaughter, Danny Skel’ Harle, Spine, A. G. Spook, Death Sim, Kane Ghost.”