The Killers & Jimmy Kimmel – “Joel, The Lump of Coal” Video

The Killers have a tradition of releasing a charity Christmas single every year, and this year, they reached out to fellow Las Vegas native Jimmy Kimmel to help out. In the video below, we see the fruits of their collaborative songwriting session. The members of the Killers are no threat to host SNL anytime soon, but they play serviceable enough straight men for an on-fire Kimmel, who is really good in these situations. And the song that Kimmel supposedly helped to write is “Joel, The Lump Of Coal,” a sentimental novelty tune about a lump that doesn’t want to be a bad kid’s present. (Kimmel doesn’t sing on it or anything; don’t worry.) Below, watch the Kimmel sketch that leads up to the “Joel, The Lump Of Coal” video.

“Joel, The Lump Of Coal” is out now at iTunes, and proceeds go to Red.