Menace Beach – “Blue Eye”

“And if you ever believe me, I hope you’ll leave me. I’m nothing at all,” Liza Violet whispers almost indiscernibly from the fuzz billowing up around her. Coming on the heels of a long string of one-offs, EPs, and “Come On Give Up” from earlier this year, “Blue Eye” sounds absolutely magnificent. It’s a blustery and atmospheric cut from the U.K band’s forthcoming debut album, Ratworld, and it’s an all-or-nothing, high stakes slow-burner with a warm, sticky heart. “Its working title was ‘This Is My Song’ because I wouldn’t let anyone else near it,” Violet told Rookie, who premiered the track earlier today. “I suppose lyrically there are a lot of feelings of insecurity in there, and of questioning yourself and searching for some sort of self worth. It felt like a healthy process to make something exactly how I wanted it to be.” Listen below.

(via Rookie)

Ratworld is out 1/19 via Memphis Industries.

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